Off-lin workshop

Certified practitioners work with small and large clients globally. They facilitate high-impact (on-location and on-line) workshops in which participants assess and calibrate the capacities for their organization, community or eco-system. High-energy, high-impact. Together preparing for the future.


The outcomes of a workshop are:

  • Knowledge of a new and innovative framework for the development of social systems

  • Detailed insight in the self-organizing capacities of the social system (sense-making)

  • Detailed insight in potential for improvement / transformation

  • A Top-5 interventions to calibrate / transform the social system

  • Input for the annual / strategic plan (up to 80%)

There are three stages for facilitating a successful workshop.

workshop flow.png

Workshop on-location (5-100 people)

An inspiring workshop setup at a physical location. Six tables with canvasses, Duplo bricks and clear tasks. Facilitators stimulate participants to enter into a dialogue, share observations, gain insights and agree on how to take action. It’s this collective experience that creates the capacity for reshaping an organization. The basic set-up is easy, the art of hosting makes the difference.

Workshop on-line(*) (5-1.000 people and more)

During a virtual trajectory participants apply the framework using a quick-scan and an interactive collaboration platform. They provide as many perspectives and stories as possible. Sense-making and meaning-making software will help to sort massive amounts of information. We use online video meetings to further discuss the outcomes. Enabling participants to calibrate their organization to become vibrant and fit-for-future. The basic set-up is easy, virtual facilitation makes the difference.

Examples of an on-location and on-line workshop

(*) all software tools are European and GDPR-compliant

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Example online survey VucaCanvas



"VucaCanvas® makes for a perfect complement to our ecosystem innovation toolbox. Not only does it give us the much needed, and often neglected, complexity perspective; it also does so in an hands-on and inviting manner. Taking the complexity out of complexity."


Ron Kersic, Senior Architect, IT Strategy, ING - Center of Expertise Architects


"We used the VucaCanvas® with our management team. It's a great way to discover the ability of your organisation to handle surprises. It shows your strengths and weaknesses in dealing with surprises and uncertainties.


Michel Beek, Manager maintenance,
Nijestee Social Housing