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A training program in which you learn to develop future-proof organisations and places and meet like-minded people. The VucaCanvas® framework and tools will help you to shape organisations and places capable to deal with uncertainty and complexity (VUCA). The training includes certification as a VucaCanvas® practitioner. 



"When you are navigating the unplanned and disruptive change space its so easy to get overwhelmed by too many moving parts, competing for space. I love that the VucaCanvas® gives you the tool and technique to deconstruct the current situation and recognize where development of potential is present for any organization, to be supported in moving ahead of the curve."

Rich Batchelor, Chief Change Agent
Capillary Consulting Inc. Toronto, Canada


“In these turbulent times, it is critically important for leaders and their organization to take stock of their capacity to respond to rapidly emerging challenges. The VucaCanvas® is a unique tool that supports leaders in their stocktaking efforts that enables them to generate ideas and strategies on how to strengthen their personal and organizational agility. It has now become a foundational tool in my practice that is both practical and insightful.”

Daniel Normandeau, Consultants ConversArt Consulting, Ottawa, Canada


"As a facilitator and strategist, I’ve found the VucaCanvas® provides a unique framework for addressing the assessing any organization’s capacities for adapting to VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) business environments and unexpected challenges. It’s a powerful assessment tool for various stages of projects – when you’re kicking off an initiative involving diverse stakeholders; during implementation planning; and as part of a performance evaluation 'dashboard'. Now, more than ever, developing VucaCanvas® capabilities is proving to be invaluable, for us and our clients." 

Jeannette Hanna, Chief Strategist, Trajectory, Toronto, Canada