The workplace is deliciously chaotic

Updated: May 15

The workplace is deliciously chaotic. Technology, pandemics, politics, economic upheavals, globalization, and the passing of the torch from the Boomers to the generations below have brought dazzling change to how and where we work. The challenge is to keep the best of what's worked in the past, and adopt the best of what works today, with eyes on what is coming tomorrow.

Easy peasy, right? Well, it's a lot peasy-er withVucaCanvas. You see, VucaCanvas is an excellent framework for understanding how an organization can position itself for managing its business like an all-star while staying competitive in turbulent times. Through VucaCanvas, practitioners can develop a 'Cultural Creative Mentality' for success both now and in the future and, pardon the paraphrase, 'boldly succeed as we journey together where no one has gone before.

By: CJ Walker Waite, Praxis Consulting, WA, United States

Certified VucaCanvas practitioner

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