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Teams + Online Platform

Accreditation Training (Online) / May 18-31

In this training program you’ll develop a systems mindset, learn to work with the VucaCanvas® and meet like-minded people. The newly learned framework and tools will help you to shape organizations and places which have the capacity to embrace a VUCA world.

Accreditation Training (Online) / May 18-31

Time & Location

18 May, 15:00 CEST – 31 May, 17:00 CEST

Teams + Online Platform

About the Event

Training program

In this training program you learn to develop future-proof organisations and places and meet like-minded people. The VucaCanvas® framework and tools will help you to shape organisations and places capable to deal with uncertainty and complexity (VUCA).

You will experience working with the VucaCanvas® - a systems-based framework, canvasses, e-tools and workshop format. The training program includes certification as a VucaCanvas® practitioner. Learning the skills to hold your own (on-location and on-line) workshops to help others shape future-proof organisations and communities. The certification is a lifelong (individual) right to use the VucaCanvas® in your work and/or practice.

For whom

The training program is designed for people who work in complex and dynamic situations. People looking for a framework and practical approach to shape future-proof teams, organisations and (urban) places. Whether you work in an organisation as a change leader or as a consultant/practitioner looking to include a systems-based framework in your practice.

Training outcomes

The outcomes from this training program are to provide you with the expertise and skills to understand, explain and apply the VucaCanvas®. As a practitioner you will learn new knowledge and skills to support in:

  • Better understanding of systems theory and the VucaCanvas® framework
  • Facilitating high-impact workshops (on-line and on-location)
  • Assessing organisations / places with practical canvasses and tools
  • Developing the capacities to build organisations and places for a VUCA world
  • Defining interventions for development and improvement (leverage points)
  • Creating energy to stimulate teams to succesfully work together

You will be provided with the full set of skills, materials and practice, combined with the confidence and commitment necessary to successfully prepare and facilitate your own (on-location and on-line) workshops.


Training Program

During a 3-week program you will enjoy the following activities

Kick-off - 1 hour

  • Introducing the program
  • Getting to know each other

Online preparation on learning platform - individual  - 2 hours work

  • About VUCA
  • Introduction to the VucaCanvas
  • Basic theory on systems thinking

Module 1- online session - group - 2 hours

  • Connecting to each other
  • Introduction to the VucaCanvas framework
  • Working with the six capacities

Online preparation work and case om leraning platform - individual - 2 hour work

Module 2 - online session - group - 2 hour

  • Reflection on case
  • Learning to apply the VucaCanvas in your work/practice
  • Accreditation

Continuing the learning program on community platform

  • Sharing materials
  • Sharing questions
  • Learning about cases and experience


Community of practice

After the training program you will be part of the VucaCanvas® community of practice. A group of professionals applying the framework and canvasses in their practice and work.

Yearly meetings 

In which practitioners can learn from each others experiences


There will be continuous updates of new materials. As part of the training program, you will receive all materials (canvasses) to facilitate your own workshops.


The training program will be facilitated by Rik Berbé MSc. Rik is an experienced practitioner, trainer and facilitator. You will benefit the knowledge and experience from one of the original designers of the VucaCanvas®.

Group size

The maximum number of participants for this online program is 8. This will ensure an effective learning experience.

Online platform

You will be invited on our online learning platform. Easy to join and offering a plain learning environment.

Personal information and data are handled in accordance with GDPR.


Costs for the training are € 1200 based on 0% TAX/VAT.

This includes:

  • Certificate for lifelong right to use the VucaCanvas®
  • Unlimited usage of applying the canvasses in your practice (no fees)
  • Toolbox (7 canvasses value: € 50)
  • Lifelong online learning community (value: € 50 yearly)
  • Access to manuals, experiences, cases
  • No yearly costs


In specific cases, attendees can receive refunds up to 7 days before the program starts.

Substitutions are permitted at any time.


  • 1 hour


  • 143 hours

    Preparation work module 1

3 more items available





  • Certification VucaCanvas®


    Unlimited usage of VucaCanvas® (no fee), toolbox (value: € 100), lifelong online learning community (value: € 50 yearly), access to manuals, experiences, cases. No yearly costs, contributions etc.




  • VucaCanvas materials


    The 7 canvasses (60x60 com) including international delivery (worldwide).






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