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The VucaCanvas® initiative was born about 20 years ago as Rik Berbé started to integrate the theory of evolutionary biology and complex adaptive systems in his work as organizational development consultant and change facilitator. Together with a community of practitioners he designed the VucaCanvas® - a framework, a set of canvasses and a workshop format. The development is an ongoing proces together with members, practitioners and partners.


People interested in our work register for free on this website After registration they receive updates on events, training sessions and cases. Members also have access to our forum with relevant materials and discussion groups. Learning together.


Practitioners are change agents and change facilitators actively working with the VucaCanvas® in their work and/or practice. They joined an accreditation training and support individuals, teams and organizations globally by facilitating interactive high-impact workshops.


The community is developing step-by-step in close cooperation with some amazing partners:

  • PRCS Management Consultancy in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

  •  ING - Center of Expertise Architects in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

  • More ...







Rik Berbé

Joris van den Berghweg 103
1067 HP Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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