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The origin of the VucaCanvas® goes back 20 years ago as Rik Berbé MSc started to integrate the research on the dynamics of biological and social systems in his work as organizational development consultant. During the last years a community of practitioners and researchers designed the VucaCanvas® - a framework, canvasses, e-tools and an (online) workshop format. The development is an ongoing proces together with universities and partners.


Practitioners are change agents and change facilitators actively working with the VucaCanvas® in their work and/or practice. They joined an accreditation training and support individuals, teams and organizations globally by facilitating interactive high-impact workshops (on-location and on-line).


The community is developing step-by-step in close cooperation with inspiring partners:

  • ING - Center of Expertise Architects in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Metanoia Institute in Helsinki, Finland

  • Windesheim Honours College - Windesheim University of Applied Sciences - Zwolle, The Netherlands

  • PRCS Management Consultancy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands



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