Become VUCA proof

What is VUCA?

It’s become a popular acronym: VUCA, short for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, and a container for an unpredictable and hyper-connected world. It’s also misleading: VUCA blends four distinct types of challenges that demand four distinct types of responses.


That makes it difficult to know how to futureproof organisations and places. It is easy to use VUCA as a showstopper, a way to drop the hard work of change and development. After all, you can’t prepare for a VUCA world, right? Actually, you can. Like biological species, organisations and places are complex adaptive systems that continuously evolve, adapt to change and prepare for the unknown.

How to prepare?

Today's challenge is to shape future-proof organizations and communities. How? By changing mindsets, applying unorthodox approaches and shaping essential capacities. Successful change leaders use frameworks which are built on new disciplines in science such as evolutionary biology, complex adaptive systems and design thinking.

The VucaCanvas® is such a framework. Carved in colorful canvasses and inspiring workshop formats. Seamlessly designed to stimulate conversation about re-shaping organizations and communities. Multiple projects show deep change and tangible impact. Easy to use and ready to go.

What you can do

Re-shape your organization or place. Become resilient to shocks. Increase adaptive capacity. Enable diversity. Be receptive for signals. Stimulate cooperation. We support teams globally by facilitating interactive high-impact workshops (on-location and on-line). Contact us and we can start co-creating an amazing learning journey. 

Do you want to use the canvasses in your practice? We organise training sessions for practitioners. You will be provided with the full set of skills and materials, combined with the confidence necessary to successfully facilitate workshops for your clients.

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