Become VUCA proof

The big stress test

Our mettle is being radically stress-tested now. What used to be hypotheticals – 'What if our world was dramatically altered?' – have become today’s realities. The global pandemic is just one of a number of social, economic and technological shocks that are creating internal whiplash for businesses and organizations of every stripe and size.

The acronym 'VUCA' – shorthand for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – captures the zeitgeist of the times with uncanny precision. What organizations need now, more than ever, is shaping the capacities to deal with such a fast changing and hyper-connected world. Now is the best time to 'VUCA-proof' your organization or place. 

Building a VUCA-proof organization

How do VUCA proof organizations absorb and respond to the unexpected? Nurturing shock-resistant organizations and cultures starts with understanding the essential capacities that can be actively cultivated to strengthen responsiveness in the face of unknowns. Focus on specific capacities that have been shown to enable teams and organizations to thrive in VUCA environments such as being adaptive, sensitive to subtle changes, resilient, interconnected, diverse and cooperative. 

The VucaCanvas®, a framework that’s been distilled from years of research on the dynamics of biological and social systems, provide organizations with powerful self-assessment tools for calibrating these capacities. 

An unique opportunity

Each organization is unique in terms of an ideal mix of capacities. There’s no one-size-fits-all best practice – not every capacity must be 100% developed, depending on the type of organization and the ecosystem in which it operates. But, for any institution or business, now is a unique opportunity to map its strengths and weaknesses based on these capacities. 


We support teams globally to VUCA-proof their organization by facilitating interactive high-impact workshops (on-location and on-line)For change leaders, consultants and students we offer intensive training programs, bringing them together in an active community of practice.

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